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Ruby Tingle is a progressive electronica artist, working in Manchester UK. Her work mixes elements of natural sound, high range celestial vocals and inventive instrumentation to produce romantic and dreamy, experimental ‘music from the swamp’. Recent work include her solo exhibitions and EPs Afterlife at the Whitaker, Lagoons at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery, A Modest Show exhibition and single Familiars at PAPER Gallery and Manchester Jazz Festival Originals Commission and EP Fountainia. Ruby is an award winning artist supported by Arts Council England, and her fusion of visual arts performance and music has led to a substantial range of showcases in galleries and museums, including the Venice Biennale, Saatchi Gallery Manchester Art Gallery, HOME and the historic Chethams Library. She is also the other half of cinematic electronic bass act Dirty Freud, collaborating and performing at Bluecoat, Glastonbury Festival, New Colossus NYC and regularly across the UK & Europe.

'Totally mesmerising... beautifully complex music... it's electronica with a soul' Local Sound Focus

'Let the watery ambience soak through you and you will find yourself singing the chorus in the shower for weeks' LOUDER THAN WAR

'Ruby’s sound is as unique as it is engaging… Worthy of Danny Elfman comparisons, the mix of cavernous reverbs and haunting operatic backgrounds aids Ruby’s excellent storytelling…begs full immersion in order to experience the breadth of the artistic vision at play' NECESSARY OUTLET 

'One of the most exquisite tracks you have ever heard....transports you to a celestial realm of enchantment...Prepare to be spellbound...' LOST IN THE MANOR 



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