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Ella Fradgley is a Northern contemporary artist and curator working between Manchester and Liverpool, after graduating from Manchester School of Art in 2019.  Her practice is centred on automatic mark making expanding across drawing, painting, and writing. Her process based, ritualistic pieces create 'self portraits' capturing how the artist feels momentarily during the making of the work. //  "My practise revolves around drawing as I believe it is the most immediate and intuitive way to make. The direct quality of putting down a mark allows for am immediate translation of time. Where painting calls for the reloading of the brush, the mixing of the palette, the constant quality of the pen in addition to the repetition allows for me to enter a state of meditation, with the mark acting as the mantra. Drawing for me is a tool both to process, pause and record myself and my thoughts and experiences - the drawings I make are the most accurate way to depict my internal self as they are both the process and the product."  // Ella is a member of North West Drawing Collective, curator at the shifting gallery/ initiative 'Curve' and runs 'Where are the Girl Bands' blog showcasing and reviewing work by female and non binary musicians. 

Jaayns and Ella collaborated to create artwork and moving image pieces for Jaayns' 2021 single 'Real Things' 

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