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Born and raised in London, Tsinder’s musical education begun at a young age as a classically trained singer performing with the English National Opera, whilst at the same time, an interest jazz and blues resulted in undertaking jazz grades on Clarinet and Alto Saxophone at London Guildhall under the tutorage of the late Christian Brewer. Early influences in songwriter-musicians such as Ani DiFranco, Joni Mitchell and Joan Armatrading, inspired Tsinder to self-teach various string instruments such as guitar, Appalachian dulcimer and banjo, which would later form the root tools of their instrumental composition.Later influences included the ‘freak folk’ artists of the early noughties, songwriters such as Björk, Stephen Merritt along with later, darker works of Tom Waits, Diamanda Galas and Scott Walker -  all of which cemented poetry and the voice as the primary focus of Tsinder’s work.The project of realising the sound and trajectory of Tsinder Ash began with the 2015 EP The Carbon of Your Delight - ‘an all-consuming, minimalistic yet expansive sonic landscape that focuses on aching for eroticised self-immolation…Ash’s voice rivals only Anohni’s in their use of vibrato that conveys–at once–a delicate fragility and powerful strength of vision–a perfect combination to fearlessly lyricising longing, grief and aching desire’ (Filthy Dreams).On 2017’s EP Offerings - Tsinder presents a lament on queerness, chronic illness and political resistance - joined by various musicians from across the UK music scene, to create a dark, textural neofolk/blues-inspired world, in which  ’their voice remains the key asset…they draw you into Tsinder Ash’s world, lay their soul at your feet and invite you lie with them as they sing about things that really matter’ (Dusted Magazine). The title track debuted on Stuart Maconie’s BBC 6 music radio show The Freak Zone. ‘Drawing comparisons to Coil, Anhoni and Björk’ the 2020 EP Both The Wound And The Blade ‘seems interested in addressing matters of empathy and identity both national and personal. The music is experimental and seemingly teetering on the edge of collapse. A satisfyingly unpredictable and fresh sound’ (Louder Than War). Whilst the 2021 album SORE part-produced by Agon Branza, evokes a very different hazy dreamlike synth-and-guitar-laden landscape, as Tsinder explores new ways of being through escapist lyrics and swirling production. The single Stasis debuted on Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 Music radio show - BBC Introducing.

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