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Sweetpea has been in the scene for over 10 years, breaking through in Pirate Radio with a 6 year residency on legendary station - Rude FM. Her informative and relaxed radio hosting skills lead to her host shows on popular radio stations RINSE and BBC Radio 1. Sweetpea is one of the founding members of EQ50, a collective of women addressing inequality and representation in dance music. Formed in 2018, the collective hosted a string of networking events as well as, in 2020, launching the first ever Drum & Bass mentorship programme for women and non-binary people. Sweetpea produced and released her first tune in 2016 with PRTCL on Terabyte Records. And in the years to follow, release music on Hospital Records, Dispatch Records, Sofa Sound and Spearhead Records.In 2021, Sweetpea released her debut solo EP and since then has been racking up notable solo releases.

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