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Ruby Tingle presents her first public gallery exhibition in collaboration with No Such Thing and draws together the Museum’s herpetology collection and Cabinet of Curiosities Gallery through collage, music, film, installation and performance to explore the preservation of amphibians and reptiles. Inspired by these species links to the monstrous and mythological, she has drawn upon the museum’s Spirit Store, Prehistory gallery, Palissy-ware objects and painting ‘Daughter of the Lagoons’ to create interventions which look at these animals’ extraordinary nature in folklore and reality. 


Performances every Saturday invite visitors to step into a fantastical underworld of anthropomorphic characters, who will be present in the galleries just as reptile creatures would have lounged around the vast red desert and salt lakes of pre historic Warrington. Collaborators include Simon Woolham, Holly Rush, Left Winter, Martin Lewsley, Dirty Freud, Steven Calver, Amphibian Foundation, Turtle Survival Alliance and Professor Stephen Asma.  


“...pictorial, literary, and film cultural narratives have only amplified negative emotions around herps. Simply put, they have always acted unknowingly as our templates or prototypes for monsters... the true curiosity cabinet –where herpetofauna always figure significantly-- is not about fear but wonder. And here the herps shine. They are truly wonderful creatures, and their more remote emotional status only lends to their mysterious and marvelous importance.” - Prof. Stephen Asma

Video Walkaround Exhibition

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