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Nyree Waters (she/her) is a visual artist/designer, singer and songwriter. Born in Merseyside and growing up along the coast of North Wales, Nyree graduated with a degree in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art, before moving to Manchester where she’s now based. As well as facilitating creative workshops for children and adults, Nyree has also worked as a Graphic Designer and Content Creator within Marketing and Education, developing conceptual marketing campaigns across all forms of print and digital design.  Working across a diverse range of visual mediums from collage to painting, Nyree’s style merges Illustration, Graphic Design and abstract Fine Art - creating visual imagery that is textural, bold and deeply expressive. A lover of lyrics, Nyree uses poetry in both her artwork and music as a way of processing heavy thoughts/feelings with a gentle touch. She has collaborated with Iora to create artwork for 2022 EP 'How Did We Get Here?'.